Paris, Milan – Street Style. Global Fashion

posted on: October 31, 2007

♥  I love to see pictures of people out and about – seriously, trends start on the streets, our streets!


On the streets of Milan, I really dig these girls, especially their heights! I love the denim skinny pants on this girl, the fit looks flawless!  Let’s be honest – it’s really hard to find the perfect skinny pants with the absolutely perfect fit. It truly represents the woman is refined and elegant.


I am growing quite fond of colors black and white. I love that you can make bold statements using one or two dominant color…  black is effortlessly fashionable!


I love the combinations of items with these four styles (top and bottom two) - their tasteful and stylish screaming with attitude! My favorite is the top left photo, I love her collaboration of the ankle boots with her top outfit. The look is very darling in a bold sense.


 I can’t agree with everyones style… there’s the modish and then the “rather not’s”

(left) I don’t like the length of her pants  – the tailored look is not one of favorites (right) she can pull off the socks, but it might’ve been better without the turquoise/white polka-dot socks

[thanks for The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman]

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