Betsy Johnson inspired designer nails!

posted on: January 22, 2009

Hi there!

So, my trips back home to Hawaii are always exciting. But, the girly-girl in me always can’t wait to get my nails done, being on vacation and all I thought I’d indulge …


Winter 2008


I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests on my first post GET YOUR DESIGNER NAILS  … about where to go? and where you can find these nail decorations? So, I’ve decided to post a more in-depth description …

First of all, for those of you who don’t know — these types of nails are HUGE in Japan, pretty much all their nail salons offer this type of service. If you’re on the hunt for a salon your best bet would be Japanese nail salons in your area.

Second, you can’t just order these nails from an online site because it’s ALL hand made – yep, I had to sit there for about an hour and a half, an amazing hour and a half might I add… I wanted something fun, spunky and loud!  Hence, my inspiration:

Betsey Johnson

(Her jewelry and accessories are filled with roses, ribbons and glitz)

I guess you could order the pre-completed set of nails that you would glue on yourself, BUT I personally don’t think they would look natural or last. But then again, let me know if you’ve had other experiences. ..

Lastly, my nails were done by a friend of mine Anri (Salon Cherie) in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you ever visit – you should pay her a visit, she’s really sweet. Some of her other work:




What do you think – would you do it?

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  • wendee

    hey could you help me?
    i just wanted to know if there was any place
    were someone could just but/order
    the little decorations like the flowers and bows
    seperate so you could make your own nails/designs?
    ive bin trying to find places but no luck

  • joobeelicious

    These usually start from $80 to about $150, it depends what you get and what you want :)
    I know in Japan they are cheaper.

  • jessica

    i love all of them ;]
    how much do these designs usually cost?

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  • rosangela

    this is just too beautiful & cool for words!!!…where can I get these,how much & are there any other sites or mags i can view?

  • choubelle

    Ooo la la! So pretty. I would do the white ones with the flower, as I don’t know how I could get all of the little three dimensional pieces to stay on my nails!

    Such a awesome/unique post!