Tokyo Streets, Japan Style

posted on: January 31, 2009

Lately, I’ve been attracted fashion in Japan. Here’s a snippet of their street style … 

I fancy how he has a lot going on and is still able to make them work well: scarf, glasses, hat — it’s his cropped pants with those boots!!


(left) I like her fringed shorts with her denim flats (or at least they look denim …)

(right) It’s the hair and those oversized buttons on her jacket


Something about her grungy look immediately caught my eye …

What can I say, what can you say? Her cowl jacket is adorable, and it goes great with her hair tied up/back — she looks sweet. No? 


funk.e style but totally darling, but I would say that her knitted scarf is key


Now, these two, I’m not so fond of. Don’t you think she (left) looks like TOO much going on? And (right) just looks off — the skirt is not to be worn like that, it might have been more flattering worn higher with a thicker belt… 

[Thanks, Style Arena]

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  • gondrong sekale

    wow :)
    that so interesting
    yes, japan are the 1# style and culture

  • elizalinsangan

    I agree! Japanese style is definitely awesome! I’m not too much of an expert regarding Japanese style, but I do know that they’re very much into colour. Their style is quite adventurous and they can pull off any outfit! This site has some amazing colourful hawaiian tops that you could check out.

  • choubelle

    Japan street style is ridiculously cool. Thnx for sharing! I adore the dude’s outfit. It is so unique!!