How the Fashion Industry is Gaining Social Success

posted on: March 7, 2010

Just a thought: The word “social” means different things to different people. Some might interpret “How the Fashion Industry is Gaining Social Success” to be about fashion brands that are growing and they’re at the forefront of the industry. Or some (including me) would assume title is about the social success online, how the fashion industry is not only quickly adapting to the changes in the digital landscape, but also coming up with innovative ways to engage with communities globally.

The other day I was at lunch with a friend and introduced her to FourSquare (if you don’t know, READ this) – it is a mobile application that turns your city into a playground – it’s helps you find new ways to explore where you are. You can meet up with you friends, you earn points and unlock badges for discovering new places…And here I was thinking that everyone knew about Foursquare :)

Just a note: I am passionate about fashion, and I am very keen on learning about online/social media – I plan in the future to integrate my personal and professional interests.

Did you ever think:

“the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and IMG (who produce the shows at the tents in Bryant Park), have also decided to let bloggers populate the front rows, and have established WiFi areas instead of putting the kibosh on their coverage.”

I completely agree:

Joe Zee, creative director at ELLE Magazine says that just like in most give-and-take relationships, it’s a compromise. “I’ve always been about what the ‘next big thing’ is. Please, I was the one that would help my grandmother put the VCR together when I was little and got a Tivo 15 years ago. People fear what they don’t understand, but trust me, magazines, designers and retailers are getting to understand what social media is faster than they can say ‘that’s fabulous.’”

Read the full article by Hitha Prabhakar (Twitter:@hithaprabhakar), she is a retail industry expert and principal of The Style File Group, a retail consulting firm based in New York City.

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