How to Wear 1 Piece 3 Ways: The Perfect Jegging

posted on: March 28, 2010

Spring is here!

Which means spring cleaning – out with the old and in with the NEW! I’ve invested for the first time in a pair of jeggings from !it Jeans … Basically, it’s jean + legging, hence the name “jegging”. Joe’s makes a pair which retail for $82 to $98 at high end department stores.I got mine for $78 from !it Jeansnot bad at all.

A pair of good jeans is needed in one’s closet – one word “versatile”.  My current pair of denims I throw on when I’m in a rush, is here. But, I’m trying out !it Jeans dark denim jeggings. I’m literally wearing them right now, and … have to say they’re pretty comfy comfy and perfectly stretchy stretchy (I can cross my legs “yey”).

It’s saturday and my spring cleaning continues. I thought I’d play a little dress up :) Here you go …

Put on some heels and voilà a night out! I think the hat gives that staple denim-and-blacktop-with-black-pumps outfit a bit of flare. no?

Put on sneakers and voilà a day out in town – in my case, a day at school. I’m more into basics so white and denim is a perfect match in my book.

Put on some booties and voilà! I say, this totally works during the day and night – with night, I’d probably accessorize MORE!

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