How the Fashion Magazine Industry Will Prevail

posted on: January 20, 2011

Fashion, it’s an amazing industry. period. The publication sector will prove to be more victorious this new  year. After collectively losing nearly a quarter of their ad pages in 2009, fashion magazines are gearing up to makeup for the previous year and exceed revenue expectations this coming year. Companies are well prepared, “Fashion magazines are clearly trying to corner their own share of the ever-expanding online and mobile advertising markets.”

“Digital platforms are increasingly attractive to advertisers who demand accountability and want compelling, innovative programs that make consumers pay attention,” InStyle Publisher Connie Anne Phillips explained.

Interactive Shopping

Stylefeeder’s (a personal shopping engine. Acquired by Time Inc. in January) technology will be used to power InStyle Boutique, a Flash-based virtual department store (see above) that will run for five weeks alongside the launch of the magazine’s September issue in mid-August.

Image Recognition & Location-Based Technology

W Magazine will launch three interactive, mobile-based promotions — two tied to New York Fashion Week and a third that will roll out in October. Another promotion, tentatively titled “Foursquare at Fashion Week,” is based upon Jimmy Choo’s London-based Catch-a-Choo campaign.

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