posted on: October 23, 2012


(top from Zara // jacket from Urban Outfitters // high low striped top from F21 // short from J. Crew // shoes from Nike)

I just moved to a new place so it’s been so hectic and I’m still unpacking daily – about 4 boxes left! Its sweater season, yay! I usually have 3 layers at top. A simple tank or shirt, followed by a collared shirt (buttoned up or open, depending), topped off with either a sweater or blazer. I always like to pop my collar up! Do you?

Lately, I have been on my feet for very very long periods of time, I think this past weekend I stood for at least 10 hours straight, on both Saturday and Sunday. So, I opted for Free Run 3‘s, super comfy and versatile. I wear this to the gym too! If you didn’t know, now you know.

Thanks for reading!

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