posted on: January 11, 2013


Yipeee, it’s the end of the week! I have been looking forward to this since Monday. I’m usually working through the weekend so it doesn’t really matter to me, but fridays always seem to have more of a relaxed vibe.

I am itching to do something to my hair. I have a pretty good idea what I want to do to it, but I’m trying really hard to hold out as long as possible because I KNOW it’s going to damage it (initially). I want to go lighter … since my hair is so long I haven’t quite decided if I want to dye it full, highlights, or ombre. Suggestion?




(Studded top from Zara // Faux fur vest from PUBLIK // Skinnies from J Brand // Boots from Aldo // arm swag from PUBLIK)


xoxo, Joo

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  • Joo

    totally! A good fur vest is a must! :) xx

  • kellandsechy

    I love the colours in that vest! In winter I have a faux fur obsession! Your boots are super cute as well! great outfit :) x