posted on: February 22, 2013

My two favorite things: oversize and sequins.

There’s no reason you can’t wear sequins because the Holiday season has past! Sequins shorts, or skirts always look toned down when paired with  an oversize sweater because its like a subtle pop. Happy happy and safe Friday everyone!




(oversize sweater from PUBLIK // skirt from PUBLIK // chrome flats from Joe Jeans //  bracelets include BCBG and c/o Hautebetts)

xoxo, Joo

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  • Joo


  • wllw

    The skirt looks lovely on you :)

  • Mia

    Sounds good! I obviously can’t tell from the picture if you have split ends or not but it sounds like you take care of your hair pretty well so any tips on that? Besides no heat? And sounds good — can’t wait to wear a similar outfit!

  • Joo

    Hey Mia! You’re too sweeet :)

    My hair isn’t as healthy as I want it to be. But, I deep condition it biweekly. I’ll leave it in my hair and go to a sauna or somewhere that’s hot so it can penetrate into the hair.

    Your question isn’t silly… This outfit can work in both but probably during the transitional times. Since in the middle of winter it’ll be too cold and the middle of summer will be too hot. :)


  • Mia

    Ahh this outfit is so cute and your sooo pretty! Love your hair!! How do you keep it so healthy?And this might be a silly question but would you typically wear this outfit in the winter or summer since it’s warm with the sweater but cool with the skirt? Loved the outfit either way