Adventures in Hawaii – My Nostalgia 2010

posted on: June 15, 2010

Visiting home to pleasant Hawaii (Oahu to be specifc) is always a muscle relaxer accompanied by hometown friends, local foods, great weather and well it’s where I was raised so you understand the nostalgia that comes over me each visit.

I really wanted to properly document my trip, however, I will admit now this is NOT my best work. You know how you forget to take your camera out, or you unlock your iPhone and the Kodak moment passes -_- Therefore, I’ve decided to make it short …

Near the Airport, dropped by my friends work place before heading to Waikele Shopping Mall (outlet mall) –  trip out there wasn’t worth it – I left with classic pair of converse (that I could have purchased anywhere else)

BALLOON ACCESSORIES!! Enough said, how cute right? The bracelet and heart necklace is practical, but the so-called-earring is a bit much – I took it off after this shot

Entrance to ALA MOANA SHOPPING CENTER! The mall gets better each visit, they’re doing so much renovation with new stores and expansion, definitely an A+ in my book.

I spent many days and much of my time catching up on emails and doing some work at Glazers Coffee – Sam, the owner is really friendly and they have great wifi connection – on South King Street

Breakfast on the beach at the Kai Restaurant in the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel 🙂

Cute delicates and pastries 🙂

The highlight besides spending time with the family! My friend’s wedding on the beach was a significant part of my trip – weather, food, in company of great friends – it was pretty great.

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