posted on: December 27, 2013

ASIAN HAIR: GOING PLATINUM BLOND SESSION 1. I’ve always had this curiosity to go blond, and my attempt to get my hair light was nothing close to platinum, see here or here.  I just couldn’t get myself to take the leap with my hair since A) it requires heavy bleaching B) I was in love with my hair color at the time and just couldn’t part ways with it and C) maintenance, lighter hair means more frequent visits to the salon!

But, after meeting with amazing colorist, Bianca Hillier from Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles, I decided to take that leap and go platinum blond, yay!  


 I first met with Bianca to discuss the current state of my hair –  I used to retouch my grown out roots and include some highlights here and there to create a softer look. After evaluating my hair, we decided I need to go through multiple dying sessions to get my hair to the platinum color I want. This way, it’s more gentle on the hair, and allows the hair to recuperate and gain back it’s strength for the next session.

My first session took 5 hours, yes, 5 hours! (of course, it was worth it) So, what did we do for those 5 hours?

1. Prep my hair with Shu Uemura oil to hydrate the hair 

2. Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to help open the hair cuticle

3. Loreal Professional colour remover to delicately erase the previous colours used in the hair

4. Shampoo with Loreal Professional Absolute Repair Shampoo to help strengthen the hair

5. Gloss the hair to ensure the colour is fluent and a more flattering tone

6. Loreal Profession Fibercuetic Treatment, it’s like Botox for the hair

At home maintenance is just as important, Bianca recommended the Loreal Professional Liss Ultime (the purple packaging) shampoo and conditioning masque to ensure the hair gets the proper hydration in between services. Treatment oils such as Neem Hair Oil by Dr. Hauschka, you can find at Whole Foods are a weekly necessity. Styling/conditioning oils like the Shu Uemura oil available for retail at Sally Hershberger LA is a good way to hydrate the hair daily and provide an anti fade with the SPF.

I’ll be updating you about my second session with Bianca in a couple weeks … 







Gold Lariat necklace from PUBLIK

Black oversize dress from PUBLIK

Tastemaker Satchel from Just Fab similar here 

Sage in black from Shoedazzle

Reptile wrap bracelet from Brahmin


Love, Joo Kim

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