posted on: March 6, 2014


ASIAN HAIR: GOING PLATINUM BLOND SESSION 2. You can read from my first Going Platinum Blond post that I decided to take the leap of going platinum blond out of curiosity, and now how do I feel? I frigggen love it! I recently went back to Bianca Hillier from Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles, for my second session – going even lighter. Getting a little bored with your hair, hit up Bianca for a consultation.

You can read more about maintenance and recommended hair products here!


A little Q&A:

How long did that take this second time around?
Stripping my hair the second time didn’t take as long as my first session, thank goodness! It still took around 3 hours – it definitely took this long because I have SO much hair and its thick! The process was a double process – first bleaching the entire hair again – its not bleach you find at your local mart, I would not! – and then next comes toning the hair to achieve the desired shade – an ashy-grayish-tone.

Is there a session 3 or how often will you be going back to get your hair retouched Originally, I was suppose to do 3-4 sessions. But, after this session I decided my hair got pretty light, I don’t think I’ll be bleaching my entire head again. Retouching is going to be much more frequent for blonds, about every 4 weeks – but, no later! Why? Because if your hair grows too much, the color is harder to match and you’ll basically end up with bands of uneven color around your head.

Does your hair feel damaged?
Not really, but hair products are necessary. When people feel my hair they say they’re actually surprised cause my hair feels a lot softer then they imagine. I guess that’s a good sign. The only thing is. because my hair is long and now blond it get tangled a lot easier.

Should you go platinum blond?
If you’re like me a couple months ago, you have a burning curiosity to go blond – DO IT, have fun and if you don’t like it, you can always go darker. You just don’t think you’ll match, truuuust me, it’ll grow and you’ll mold, do it! You’re too lazy to maintain the blond, weeeellll, you can do it once and then when it grows out you can request to slowly go darker creating an ombre look – eventually you can return to your original hair.


I have to share, I  love a good deal and grabbed this leather skirt from Topshop for less than $10 #winning. What’s sunny LA without some aviator sunglasses – my new favorite pair from Randolph.

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Leather Skirt from Topshop

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Jewelry from PUBLIK

Concorder Rose Gold Sunglasses from Randolph USA

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