Boho Basics For Summer

posted on: July 31, 2014



Boho Basics For Summer. A couple weeks ago I went camping to Big Bear and naturally I packed lots of lightweight and comfy clothing. This lace top was particularly my favorite, but it’s very sheer and completely open in the back, nothing a white spaghetti top can’t fix! I love how I can take it with me to the beach and use it as a coverup. Versatility is a must for anything I decide to keep in my closet.

Enjoy the last couple months of summer while it lasts!

Boho-summer-lovejookim-boohoo-lace-top-black-lace-shorts-american-threads-knockaround-aviator-sunglasses-miu-miu-shoes Boho-summer-lovejookim-boohoo-lace-top-black-lace-shorts-american-threads-knockaround-aviator-sunglasses-miumiu Boho-summer-lovejookim-boohoo-lace-top-black-lace-shorts-american-threads-knockaround-aviator-sunglasses-shades Boho-summer-lovejookim-boohoo-lace-top-black-lace-shorts-american-threads-knockaround-aviator-sunglasses

Top: Boohoo Lace Blouse

Shorts: American Threads

Sunglasses: Knockaround Aviators

Shoes: Miu Miu


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