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  • JamieBenson

    Ms. Joo Kim, Hi!

    Hey Joo Kim! You requested a sample OYOBox from my company for testing but we are trying to secure a possible, exclusive giveaway for your fans first. My last emails should have come from Let me know! Thanks, Jamie

  • joobeelicious

    Of course that’s fine Karen!!! Thanks 🙂

  • kai chang

    I’m so very pleased you had a great time! The writeup was detailed, and I want to encourage the flow of ideas, thoughts for our next TEDx B event.

    kai chang
    curator, TEDxBerkeley

  • ekbueno

    I’m going to link from my blog to yours if that’s okay? I love yours! Karen <3

  • pri

    loves it.
    i mean, L-O-V-E-S I-T. haha.. keep up the good work woman! I’m A FOREVER FAN!!!!

    requests: (figuered i’d ask for ur opinion since ur in tune with style shiz..)
    – this fall/winter’s hot colors
    -animal prints are dying out.. what’s the new hot look
    -material of choice (leather, suede, cotton, linen..)
    -more but can’t think of it right now.. umm i’ll request periodically lol

    (i’m deciding what kinda products to bring in this upcoming season in our store hehe)