posted on: July 24, 2015

DIY BRIDAL SHOWER DECORATION IDEAS. It’s officially wedding season! Last week we (bridal party) hosted a bridal shower lunch for my dearest friend in Beverly Hills. I DIY’d a couple things for the shower and I wanted to share with you some of the simple and super cute items I made. I chose to decorate using baby breath flowers because they’re so effortlessly chic and they’re great filler flowers for anything.

Below are a couple of decoration ideas that anyone can make!


Baby Breath Flower Crown:  I decided to make a baby breath flower crown, because what’s a bride without her crown! All you need is wire to create a circular shape. I made it bigger because you can always bend to make it smaller once you fit it on the head. Then go over with floral tape once. Then gather the baby breath stems and start wrapping with the floral tape.


Initial Letters: It’s always cute to personalize anything so I picked up their first name initials and used it as a center piece. It looked a little plain so I decided to lay them on a bed of baby breadth flowers!


Bridal Chair decoration: It’s sweet to highlight who the bride is and what’s prettier than a burlap ribbon sash on the chair. I topped it off with a scripted “bride” chair sign.


Guest Book: There’s so many guest book ideas, I decided on a frame so she could hang it somewhere and look back to it here and there. I also think visuals are better so I decorated the board with all the images we took using this polaroid smartphone printer and it ended up looking super cute!

Oh, I also hand wrote on burlap name tags to match the theme.


Wine Gift Basket: I thought this was the cutest idea, I personalized four wine bottles with “FIRST ANNIVERSARY” “FIRST FIGHT” “FIRST BABY” and “FIRST CHRISTMAS“. For each I wrote a little note to the couple and personalized it with their names and wedding date. There’s the matching “groom” chair sign.


Engagement Photo Displays: Decorating your venue or event space with pictures is always an easy idea, I decided to hang a couple pictures using burlap twine string rope and wooden clips.


Paying the Tab: At the end of the bridal shower it was time to pay the tab. And I’m sure you’ve all been in a situation when you eat with friends and have to split the bill, it can get a little confusing. Recently, I’ve been using Square Cash and it makes everyones life so much easier. Square Cash allows you to have a unique web URL that you can give to your friends so they can pay you directly – all they need to do it enter their payment. It’s free for personal use to send and receive money to and from others.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of my ideas for your decoration needs or if you’ve tried Square Cash? 

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