Downtown to Directives West First.LA Fashion Show

posted on: October 18, 2010

On FRIDAY, October 15 I was invited to  “FIRST.LA” presented by Directives West at The California Market Center (CMC) lobby. Directives West is the West Coast merchandising consulting division of The Doneger Group. And if you must know, they provide clients with comprehensive market analysis in all categories of business.

FIRST.LA is returning for a second season after launching in March 2010 – exhibiting a handpicked collection of designers offering an exclusive first look at Spring/Summer 2011 collections. The contemporary-themed runway presentation showed designers Whitley Kros, Yana K, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Ai for Ai, Moon Collection and more …

The collections had me at the edge of my seat! Lots of silk, lace and embellishments walking up and down the runway. Many of the looks were suitable for a social day out with friends and a night out with girls. I did fancy the variety of silhouettes:

R.P.S. • Gwynneds • Whitley Kros• Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Ai for Ai • Yana K • Champagne & Strawberry • Matty M

Till your next show.

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