posted on: September 3, 2014


FALL FASHION: LUXE JACQUARDS + KNITS.  For the upcoming season I’m participating in the Beverly Center Fall Fashion “Show Us Your Style Challenge” to create my Fall fashion look under $250.00. Comfort and versatility is always a priority, so with that in mind a couple of my fall must-haves: a knit sweater, a full skirt paired with boots! Knits are the best varieties for fall and are always in my fall outfit rotation! There’s something ultra-feminine about a full-pleated skirt, it has so much movement it makes you feel so girly! We’ll continue to see pleated skirts in thicker and richer materials for fall. A must-have accessory for fall is a great pair of boots. I instantly fell in love with this chunky lace-up bootie, fashion-forward and a little bit of edgy- perfect for fall!

I was able to use two of my personal accessories to create my fall look and I paired my chunky crystal necklace – a single statement necklace can be all the jewelry you need sometimes! I also decided to go with my Chanel purse, a classic and timeless addition for any outfit.

HM_chunky_knit_sweater_jacquard_pleated_skirt_ALDO_serinna_burgundy_boots_booties_PUBLIK_crystal_necklace_chanel_bagHM_chunky_knit_sweater_jacquard_pleated_skirt_ALDO_serinna_burgundy_boots_booties_chanel_bag HM_chunky_knit_sweater_jacquard_pleated_skirt_ALDO_serinna_burgundy_boots_booties_PUBLIK_crystal_necklace_chanel_quilted_bag HM_chunky_knit_sweater_jacquard_pleated_skirt_ALDO_serinna_burgundy_boots_booties HM_chunky_knit_sweater_jacquard_pleated_skirt_PUBLIK_crystal_necklace HM_jacquard_pleated_skirt_ALDO_serinna_burgundy_boots_booties

Sweater: H&M Knit $19.95

Skirt: H&M $59.95

Necklace: PUBLIK crystal necklace

Bag: Chanel

Boots: ALDO Serinna Boots $110.00

Join me and other fashion blogger at Beverly Center (lots of food, drinks, and complimentary gift bags) on September 18th from 6:00-8:00PM to see the winning Fall looks selected by the hosts:


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