posted on: August 7, 2015


I meant to publish this post weeks ago! I just put Chloe to sleep and I finally have some time to post this outfit from a couple weeks ago – before, the weather turned so sunny and hot!

Lately, or ever since giving birth I’ve only been sticking to oversize silhouettes. Recently, I realized I really need to hit the gym! But, that’s another conversation. A printed or even a basic solid blouse thats a bit longer is perfect to pair with leggings. It’s an easy outfit, especially when you need something quick to get out of the house!

love_joo_kim_floral_missguided_blouse_ love_joo_kim_floral_missguided_blouse_black_leggings_lo_and_son_bag love_joo_kim_floral_missguided_blouse_black_leggings_mirror_shades love_joo_kim_floral_missguided_blouse_black_leggings love_joo_kim_floral_missguided_blouse

Top: Missguided Blue Floral Top

Bag: Lo & Sons

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  • Jessica Watters

    Great style girl! I especially love those black ankle strap heels.

    XO, Jessi