posted on: January 23, 2014

JUICING: MY MORNING HABIT.  I try to juice everyday. My mornings are usually busy and I don’t have much time to eat so I started juicing – quick while giving me nutrients. I try to mix up the fruits and vegetables I juice each week so I can get a variation of vitamins. But, I always include kale, ginger and lemon.


Kale: This vegetable is full of health benefits, including iron. I usually put one whole leaf, and the taste isn’t as intense mixed in with lemon and lots of fruits.

Pineapples: Helps with protein digestion. Helps mask stronger-tasting ingredients and perfect to sweeten up the juice a bit.

Blueberries: Lots of antioxidants, great for your heart – lower risk of heart attack.

Strawberries: Packed with vitamin C. Plus, they just look pretty!

Carrots: it’s full of beta-carotene, which our bodies turn into vitamin A.

Lemon: Alkalizing fruit that helps to counteract the effects of acidity in the body. They also contain vitamin C,

Walnuts: I like to ad a couple of these – you can barely taste it. You’ll have enough recommended levels of minerals, vitamins, and protein from eating a handful of walnuts a day.


Do you juice, what are some ingredients you use?  


Love, Joo Kim

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