PLAYgreen Festival: Getting Fashionable with Eco Friendly Clothing

posted on: February 27, 2010

Today was the PLAYgreen Festival held on the UC Berkeley campus. This event brought together thousands of students and community supporters for one unified purpose – learning and promoting to live a greener lifestyle! “YEY”  The Pauley Ballroom was filled with local shops, restaurants and global companies all sharing how individuals (yes, that means you too) can contribute to a greener way of living… it was pretty great 🙂

As BARE‘s TV correspondent, I was there filming the event with my stellar-camera girl-Gabby!

I can’t wait to finish editing, actually, I’ll be assisting Gabby because she IS the expert. Nonetheless, BARE hosted a fashion show introducing Audrey Acosta’s eco-friendly clothing collection. I had a chance to chit chat with Audrey – she is so sweet! Gabby and I were also to film a short interview with her as well – stay tuned for the report!

(Audrey is also a Berkeley alum – woot woot!)

Audrey is a firm believer is sustainable clothing, her company specializes in eco-chic fashion – all her garments are made using 100% recycled textiles!!

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