posted on: February 17, 2015


PREGNANCY BUMP SERIES. I’m at 38 weeks and this has been such a long and patient process. Although, this third trimester is probably the toughest and roughest part of my entire pregnancy  – I’m finally at the end of my pregnancy with 2 weeks left! It’s an amazing, yet strange feeling when I stare at my belly. I can’t believe how big it’s grown and our baby Chloe moves around soooo much!

My first trimester was the hardest in terms of being patient. You don’t know what’s happening in there and you don’t have a belly so your only updates are at your Dr. appointments which are like every 3-4 weeks. I remember I would count down the days till my next appointment! I also had pretty bad morning sickness for about a month during weeks 7-12. Second trimester was the best! It really flew by, now that I think about it. My bump was just beginning to grow so that was exciting, and it was just the perfect size I could still move normally without being uncomfortable. It’s also the trimester we found out we were having a girl! Now, third trimester is probably the most difficult trimester.

We don’t know what to expect, but we’re excited. We can’t wait to experience this “love” that friends keep explaining to us is love like you’ve never felt before for anyone, a love that’s so unconditional, new and addictive. 


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