posted on: October 31, 2014


As of late, it’s all about comfort and if there’s one thing I love, sneakers can make an outfit look effortlessly chic.

The past couple weeks past so quickly! The first trimester seemed to take forever because you don’t know what’s happening in your belly and you still have to be really careful until your pregnancy is past the most crucial time of the fetal development. But, second trimester seems to be passing by much quicker, and there’s so many things to do, like the registry and starting to prepare the nursery! My latest update on my pregnancy …

21 Weeks Pregnant Update: 

baby’s size: carrot

feeling: I’m slowly beginning to feel heavier and I definitely am heavier! I gained an additional 15lbs and my doctor advised I walk at least 30 minutes a day and try to eat healthier.

food love: Ice cream! Omg, I swear ice cream never meant this much to me, but now I can feel myself getting antsy or slightly moody when I don’t get it *sigh*

food hate: nothing much, my appetite has definitely increased

currently living in: maternity leggings and jeans, I finally got a couple pairs just in time for the cold weather. I’ll be posting my outfits soon.

looking forward to: finding out our little ones gender! We’re both hoping to have a girl *fingers crossed*

working on:  Eating a healthier diet. I’ve been blending a mix of fruits and vegetables every morning for breakfast and having an apple a day.

tips: If you’re planning to attend the different types of pregnancy courses offered at your hospital, you should call early to reserve your spot. I guess the classes get filled quickly and some classes are only offered once a month. I’ve already reserved my classes for Jan and February next year. Also, call your insurance to get your breast pump, insurance covers the basic pump or you can pay more to upgrade to the other breast pumps offered.

lovejookim-pregnancy-style-maternity-bump-style-liberty-sage-shift-dress-with-miu-miu-grey-sneakers lovejookim-pregnancy-style-maternity-bump-style-liberty-sage-shift-dress-with-miu-miu-sneakers-ferragamo-side-bag lovejookim-pregnancy-style-maternity-bump-style-liberty-sage-shift-dress-with-miu-miu-sneakers-grey lovejookim-pregnancy-style-maternity-bump-style-liberty-sage-shift-dress-with-miu-miu-sneakers lovejookim-pregnancy-style-maternity-bump-style-shift-dress-with-miu-miu-sneakers

Dress: Liberty Sage

Sneakers: Miu Miu

Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo

Bracelet: Brahmin

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