What Is Inspiration. You Create It

posted on: July 30, 2010

What is inspiration?

A musician might gather their motivation from all the different sounds in a city, garden, or even concert. A professor or teacher might acquire theirs from watching students or simply reading. A photographer perhaps collects theirs from everything they see, anything that excites their eyes.

I don’t think there’s anyone that can perfectly define what is “inspiration” owing to the fact that it’s subjective – each person defines it differently.  With that said, I guess it’s everything – an idea, a notion, a dream, a color, a sound, a person, an animal, a sensation, a feeling, an intuition, and the list goes on …

Inspirations seduce us, they lure you in and captivate your attention!!


During my short time at a bookstore in COEX Mall, I was stuck like a magnet to this book.This day this book by 이혜영 and the series of images became my inspiration … Don’t get me wrong though, the title is a teeny-bit cliche-ish

I fancy her black booties, wash denim, puff sleeve short blazer!

Look at those fancy-schmancy rings. Her eye makeup heightens this close up.

The naughty lace bra + gold bangles = an “A” in my book


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