posted on: August 27, 2013


WI SPA: MY PERFECT END OF SUMMER RETREAT. Last week I needed a refresher, you know when you get to that point you need to get away from it all, and just relax? Yea, you know what I mean. 

I’m full Korean, so korean spa’s are a part of my nature – I grew up going to the spa with my mom.  Korean spas, or bathhouses are everywhere in Korea town, Los Angeles and more recently with the help of coupon sites promoting discounted entrance tickets, they’ve gained a lot of popularity. It’s fun to go with your girls, if you’re all comfortable being naked, because yes, you get completely naked. There’s usually a showering area segregated by gender, and then you change into shorts and tee shirt to use the co-ed area which have a variety of amenities like the sauna, heated rooms, restaurant,  etc.

I went to get a BUFF and SEAWEED MASSAGE. It was ahhmazing-mazing! The service lasted 2 hours, but it went by soo fast. I started with a body scrub, and this is when a lady scrubs you down and basically scrubs off a layer of skin or two. Then, I went to the shower to rinse and dry off. Next, was the seaweed body wrap, this thick-olive colored paste was massaged all over my body and my whole body was wrapped in this large foil for about 15 minutes. The seaweed pretty much dried and I was told to rinse my body again. I went back to the lady and next she gave me a body massage, similar to a deep tissue massage. Then I was oiled down and she continued to give me a body massage … I literally want to go back while I’m writing this!  Finally, she finished by shampooing and conditioning my hair. 

Have you ever been to a korean spa? What was your experience like?  

Love, Joo Kim

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