posted on: December 10, 2015

chloe and mommy

Chloe and mommy at the Pumpkin Patch – 9 months

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: TIPS FOR MOMS. With the holidays near and more to-do’s, I wanted to share about my personal experience with juggling my work-life with my personal-life …

It can be so challenging, and the struggle is really real – other mothers know exactly what I’m talking about. My schedule is non-stop, my mind is constantly running with the endless list of to-do’s for Chloe, husband, family, me, and work. Not to mention, I’ve been getting barely 5 hours of sleep. Sometimes, I think I’m going crazy, literally – I’m so overwhelmed. I used to feel like “no one knows, no one knows what I’m going through” but, I’ve realized all mommies struggle with this in different ways. You just need to define what success means to you because success is being happy with your family and happy with where you are.

I wanted to share a couple of things that have helped me.

Appreciate where you are at the moment. Time stops for no one. And I think it’s important to try and be grateful of the present moment. Man, I can’t believe my Chloe is already 9 months old.

Flexibility in my work schedule is a big one. This is so helpful because with a baby everything takes a little longer, unexpected things randomly happen and there’s times I need to go to the office later or leave earlier. I know that this isn’t an option for all mothers, but maybe you could try to work something out with your employer.

Date night. Plan “me time” and set up date night with your friends or your spouse. I try to do this once a month.

Family time. I love the weekends even more now that we have our daughter. James and I are always trying to plan new experiences for Chloe, and just spend family time together. I think this is really important.

Personal Outlet. This can really be anything like a morning yoga routine (when everyone else is sleeping), a specific TV show you watch every so and so, or a glass of wine at night!

scared chloe

Chloe’s first experience at the pumpkin patch, she’s not loving it!

chloe's cute fingers chloe bearpumkin_patch_with_chloe_LA_fall_fashion_baukjen_turtleneck_knit_dress_felt_hatpumkin_patch_with_chloe_LA_fall_fashion_baukjen_turtleneck_knit_dress_bootiespumkin_patch_with_chloe_LA_with_daddy.pumkin_patch_with_chloe_LA_fall_fashion_baukjen_turtleneck_knit_dress

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